"It is through art, and through art only, that we can realize our perfection." Oscar Wilde

Jessi Kim was not always an artist, at least in name; for it is impossible to separate art from Jessi.  Even though she tried to avoid her calling for many years, her artistry has always shown up in different ways. She is known amongst her friends as a go to fashion guide with impeccable taste and color sense. And is often consulted on important hair style decisions as well as even more important party designs.

Her parents were artists and she wanted to do something different. However, Jessi’s artistic talent could not be contained by her decision to study Bio Chemistry with an emphasis on clinical pharmacy. She did not feel fulfilled or happy in the major. She did not have the passion that she saw amongst her peers for the subject. What is life or anything, rather, without passion and drive for what one does?

During this time, her mother passed on an old mahogany paint box that her art teacher had passed onto her. With her mother's blessing and the will and drive to change what needed changing, Jessi Kim seized the opportunity and has been training with oils and acrylics. She’s sailed through her figure, portrait and painting classes, as well as practice with web design. She hasn’t looked back and has fully embraced the idea of art and no longer denies its call.

Written by Mary Eaton