The 411

Jessi Kim is a chosen volunteer for FIFA World Cup 2010 at Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, she has flown over to Africa and tries her best to document every moment of her stay.


Jessi Kim is simply just Jess. Short for Jessica Kim.
As one can see, her initials are "JK".
With the fast computer language of today at hand--"JK" translates to "Just Kidding"; so basically, everything she says is irrelevant.

Also, at this time, Jessi Kim is enjoying writing about herself in third person, since it's always a rare occasion in which she can do so.  However, she has seemed to come across a writer's block after receiving such power to write about herself in that voice.  That being said, she only wishes you will be  quite entertained while browsing her site. 


Jessi Kim's worst enemies are comma splices and spelling correctly.  In addition, she never really gets to the point and likes to write around the subject because it givers her the chance to rant and banter. So if you are a grammar police, or a person who shudders every time he or she sees an "error", you are forewarned.